Our Creative Camden Call to Collaboration

For the past several months, we have been working in Camden with a dynamic and diverse group of community leaders who have joined together to form the Creative Camden Host Team.   The central guiding question for the city-wide Call to Collaboration is:


As our city evolves, how can all of us who live and work in Camden, collaborate to leverage our assets, ensure accountability for all, fuel economic opportunities for residents, and strengthen our neighborhoods in order to create a safer, prosperous Camden for all?


The Creative Camden Call to Collaboration will be held on Wed. March 15 & Fri. March 16, 2017 from 8:30am-4pm on both days at the Multi-Purpose Room of the Campus Center at Rutgers University.  Registration is Free but required.  For more info, directions, parking and registration go to: www.CreativeCamden.eventbrite.com


A Creative Movement

The best solutions to big problems are ignited when people have access to the space, time and diverse perspectives needed to fuel human ingenuity.

But most of us don’t have access to the Googleplex.

So how do we create the conditions for creative and collaborative solutions on the ground in our own communities?

Learn about Creative New Jersey’s model for creating thriving communities and helping people unleash their own power and influence to bring positive change to their towns, cities, and regions.