Our Creative Communities

Creative New Jersey works in communities throughout the state – from single municipalities, to counties to multiple-county regions – where there is urgency to find creative and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Our process for convening people is unique in the state of New Jersey:

  • Where individuals from all facets of community life are assembled to work together;
  • Where all participants take an active role in creating the meeting’s agenda together, and subsequently self-organizing to lead group discussions;
  • Where the meeting format insists upon individuals contributing advancing solutions; and
  • Where the leadership of every participant who is passionate about the issue at hand and wants to take action is unleashed.
Learn more about…
  • Our Creative Communities – click on the images below to see who was involved, the central question, and local sponsors.
  • How to Become a Creative Community
  • Topics, Creative Ideas & Initiatives – the complete notes for each community meeting are available for download.
  • Our Annual Statewide Summit – which all of our Creative Communities and statewide partners are invited to attend in order to share ideas, best practices and experiences.

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