Media Coverage

Joe MolineuxAtlantic City Business Beat: Let Loose Your Imagination
By Joe Molineaux
This past week I was immersed in a creative collaboration with community members from our region. The representatives who participated came from all types of diverse backgrounds, occupations, organizations and lifestyles. READ MORE

Asbury Park PressAsbury Park Mayor Launches Two New Initiatives
By Michelle Gladden
Good health and educating youth in local government are the focus of two new city initiatives being led by Mayor John Moor. The first will be a Mayor’s Wellness Committee, now seeking members to promote good health, events, activities and programs. READ MORE

Asbury Park Library Launches African American Music Heritage Project
By Michelle Gladden
Once the vibrant hub for the City’s African American community, Springwood Avenue was lined with music venues and African American-owned businesses. In homage to that history, the Asbury Park Public Library Board of Trustees has announced the launch of its African American Music Heritage Project. READ MORE

Asbury Park PressCreative Asbury Park – A Call to Collaboration Planned
By Michelle Gladden
From finding ways to better engage the city’s youth to empowering the disenfranchised, a new collaborative group is working to establish solutions to keep the city moving forward. READ MORE

AP Rec & School District Sponsor I Believe In Me
By Michelle Gladden
The Asbury Park Recreation Commission has joined forces with the School District to sponsor a free mentoring program for female students. READ MORE

CamdenTalking Camden: Forum explores ‘creative’ ways to make city better
By Phaedra Trethan
It was a gathering of “the usual suspects, and the not-so-usual suspects,” said Elizabeth Murphy, director of Creative New Jersey. READ MORE