Making Orange Pop—How do we embrace culture, nurture creativity and drive innovation?


About Creative Orange:

The Creative Orange Call to Collaboration was an assemblage of a diverse, cross-sector group of leaders from business, the arts, education, local government, science and technology, philanthropy and more. These leaders engaged in high-level discussions regarding community issues of greatest importance to Orange’s stakeholders and residents.

This Call to Collaboration, March 15 & 16, 2013, was hosted and planned by Creative Orange, consisting of a team of community leaders, who are committed to exploring how using creativity with cross-sector collaboration may uncover sustainable solutions to ensuring a thriving Orange. ValleyArts Executive Director Richard Bryant is a Creative Orange leader. This project is part of Creative New Jersey’s statewide effort championing creativity as a tool for discovering innovative approaches in order to ensure sustainable communities and a dynamic economy.

Among Creative Orange discussion topics were:

Brand Orange as a center of culture and innovation with a rich history; advance economic development in a just and creative way; cooperate vs. compete across creative, business, and government sectors; foster inter-generational collaboration; make train stations catalysts for economic development; work to mitigate the divisiveness of I-280; empower creativity and discipline in youth; and build a cleaner, brighter, greener, and healthier Orange.

Some of our immediate action steps include:
  • Create a city-wide branding and communications platform;
  • Build an arts and community alliance organization;
  • Make Orange a regional destination for gospel music;
  • Advance clean and green initiatives like “Clean to the Curb;”
  • Develop walk-up, after-school swing dance programs for fourth graders throughout the City;
  • Develop a summer theater program for youth;
  • Encourage residents to plant outdoor, window, and rooftop gardens;
  • Activate public recycling programs;
  • Promote diabetes awareness and prevention;
  • Create a real-time information hub related to crime prevention and safety.


Groups are already forming to advance Creative Orange!
A central source for information about these projects, events, programs and initiatives is being developed right now.
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Richard Bryant
Co-Chair, Creative Orange
Executive Director, ValleyArts